Lunchtime – payment

Incredibly modern yet simple payment devices.



System Key Features


  • Cost - Practically no investment costs; minimized operating expenses
  • Logistics - No need to invest in kitchen and food dispatch facilites
  • Bureaucracy - No need to obtain official permits, no inspections or certifications
  • Staff - The system can be managed by one inspection manager
  • Time - The system can be implemented in incomparably shorter times than any other solutions currently available worldwide


  • The system can be deployed in smaller, cozier spaces such as break rooms, or on a full-blown mass scale, in large canteens or cafeterias
  • The services can be provided at any time of day, without any time limitation and without any interruptions in production
  • The system can be implemented at the point of plant/business development or at any other time during the life of the business
  • The system can be customized based on the customer's requirements


  • Just one dispenser can deliver meals for 120 employees
  • The last employee will have their food ready to eat within 8 minutes at the maximum
  • The dispenser can be refilled with more meals on the same days

Comprehensive and simple solution

  • One service provider covers the entire service area
  • The machines are extremely simple, fast and reliable
  • The system is monitored online