What is Lunchtime by Lanfam?

Uniquely innovative, flexible, integrated system to cater for an extensive range of food service needs of businesses.

Starting with production, on the basis of superior quality ingredients, under strict safety control (Cook-chill Technology*), through hermetic packing and logistics, up to rapid dispensing from own machines, with minimized human resources commitment.

No need to invest
in kitchen facilities

No need to invest
in food dispatch facilities

4 System Foundations of Lunchtime by LANFAM


The Food

Fresh, delicious meals every day; no preservatives added. Superior quality dishes produced by great, experienced chefs.


The products are packed in non-reusable hermetic sealed containers on superior lines, with due consideration of food safety aspects.

Logistics and Servicing

We deliver fresh meals on a daily basis, in safe conditions (Cook-chill Technology), ensuring superior quality maintained at all times.

The Dispensers

Our proprietary advanced food service machines guarantee the superior quality of stored products and flexible serving options.

System Key Features


  • Cost - Practically no investment costs; minimized operating expenses
  • Logistics - No need to invest in kitchen and food dispatch facilites
  • Bureaucracy - No need to obtain official permits, no inspections or certifications
  • Staff - The system can be managed by one inspection manager
  • Time - The system can be implemented in incomparably shorter times than any other solutions currently available worldwide


  • The system can be deployed in smaller, cozier spaces such as break rooms, or on a full-blown mass scale, in large canteens or cafeterias
  • The services can be provided at any time of day, without any time limitation and without any interruptions in production
  • The system can be implemented at the point of plant/business development or at any other time during the life of the business
  • The system can be customized based on the customer's requirements


  • Just one dispenser can deliver meals for 120 employees
  • The last employee will have their food ready to eat within 8 minutes at the maximum
  • The dispenser can be refilled with more meals on the same days

Comprehensive and simple solution

  • One service provider covers the entire service area
  • The machines are extremely simple, fast and reliable
  • The system is monitored online

Benefits for the Employer

Delicious meals, fresh every day, served through the innovative Lunchtime system. Food production, serving, transport and storage is subject to strict standards and professional quality control (cook-chill technology).

Lunchtime is a fully integrated process. A single, experienced service provider will produce best quality fresh food, deliver and serve the food to customers.

Lunchtime offers significantly lower costs. Your company will only pay for the food you order.  Using Lunchtime, you as a customer can avoid the extensive capital expenses on kitchen facilities or food dispatch facilities.

Dozens of permits, certificates, approvals or audits – these are no longer necessary. You don’t have to wait for official decisions.

Your employees will not have to interrupt the production processes.  They can eat at any time, at their convenience, in a consumer-friendly space, closer to their actual workplaces.

The Lunchtime system involves, as a maximum, 1 inspection manager available during the working time. The rest is done by the innovative system.

The food service area can be significantly smaller, in a break room arrangement.

Benefits fot the Emplyee

As many as 83% employees rated the meals offered by one of the largest employers in Poland during the recent years as ‘good or delicious’.

Lunchtime is very friendly for employees, as it does not impose any time restrictions – employees can have their meals at the most convenient time. Food service space can be arranged much closer to the workplace.

The environment is a very important aspect for employees having their meals. With Lunchtime, this space can be designed and arranged in an optimized way in terms of friendliness for users.

Lunchtime is the fastest system. Just 1 machine and 16 microwave ovens will cater to 120 persons – all of them will be able to pick up their food and heat it up in just 8 minutes (assuming 1 minute for heating up a single meal). Therefore, employees no longer need to stand in long queues, wasting their free time.

3 seconds

statistical time to pick up a product from the machine


surveyed persons considered Lanfam food to be ‘good’ and ‘delicious’!

8 minutes

time to pick up and heat up 120 meals from a single machine depending on the number of microwave ovens and heating time

8 milion+ PLN

cost savings on setting up a large canteen kitchen


capital expenditure on the Lunchtime system


availability 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day