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Quality and reliability makes us stand out on the market of cafeteria operators.

We are guided by proven principles:

  1. Tasty, healthy and safe meals – our top priority in what we do
    2. The highest service standards
    3. Partnership and responsibility
    4. Innovative approach at every stage of our work
    5. Expertise and experience of many years

We provide the selection of high quality, customized, healthy and tasty meals. The exceptional nature of our organizational and quality solutions is practically unparalleled on the market.

We have been dynamically expanding our services focusing on the service quality.

Recipes and menu are developed and prepared by our chefs based on the selection of fresh and top-quality ingredients delivered to us by carefully selected suppliers.

We offer the selection of high quality meals that have nutritional values and are based on a properly balanced diet.

We have an individual approach to each Customer and offer them the best solutions as regards the preparation of a dietary concept and the choice of menus.

Thanks to Lanfam experience we can offer you food services that respond to your needs.

Uniquely innovative, flexible, integrated system to cater for an extensive range of food service needs of businesses.

The Food

Fresh, delicious meals every day; no preservatives added. Superior quality dishes produced by great, experienced chefs.


The products are packed in non-reusable hermetic sealed containers on superior lines, with due consideration of food safety aspects.

Logistics and Servicing

We deliver fresh meals on a daily basis, in safe conditions (Cook-chill Technology), ensuring superior quality maintained at all times.

The Dispensers

Our proprietary advanced food service machines guarantee the superior quality of stored products and flexible serving options.