Cuisines of the world

WORLD CUISINE at our cafeterias.

Each nation loves their cuisine and believes that theirs is the best. All of them are right as each cannot do without their own cuisine.



Gourmets claim that it is one of the best cuisines in the world. What makes it so unique? First of all the sun. Under the hot Greek sun countless vegetables, herbs and fruit grow and mature to the best taste.



Chinese cuisine is by far the world’s most famous, interesting and diversified cuisine. Such diversity is due to the nature of China – huge space, climatic diversity, local traditions and customs. Another factor is great freedom when it comes combining basic ingredients resulting in Chinese cuisine’s extensive menu.



Famous for its corridas and flamenco, beaches, sun, the smell of olives and saffron, oranges and wine, Spain is a truly diverse country in many respects.

Spaniards are proud that their regional cuisines inherited all what’s best from peoples inhabiting the Iberian Peninsula. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs contributed to the development of exceptionally diversified and unique foods.


Its richness is owed to dishes from different regions of the Ottoman Empire. The most characteristic feature of the Turkish cuisine is the free combination of tastes and ingredients. Such diversity stems from Turkey’s location being the meeting point of culinary traditions of Europe, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.



Italian cuisine is recognized as very fine and light and at the same time healthy and that is why it is called a Mediterranean diet. It is mostly based on seafood, sea and freshwater fish, fruit and vegetables, and olive olive oil is practically the only fat used to prepare dishes.



Dishes made with dough boiled in hot water (warenyky) with different kinds of stuffing such as curd, potatoes or sour cherries are what makes this cuisine stand out, including famous and very much liked Russian pierogi (dumplings) filled with curd (with the addition of raisins when served as a sweet dish) or potatoes (a savory dish), or both. Another type of dumplings called pielmieni also comes from Ukraine.



American cuisine is a characteristic blend of different styles and food preparation techniques. For example, southern cuisine was to the largest extent influenced by immigrants from Africa, France and Mexico, whereas the footprint of Asian cuisine is particularly visible in practically all states. The American food style, and specifically ways in which meals are served and consumed, was popularized all over the world. Practically in any country you can eat barbeque dishes or fast food meals.

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